The Welbeck Bakehouse prides itself on the traditional fermentation processes, pre-ferments and long fermentations used to develop our great taste and artisan style.

True to the craft, our Sourdoughs each have their own unique flavour, aroma, chewy texture and crumb. Sourdough is known for its longevity and once it is toasted, a whole new flavour infusion is released.

British nostalgia can be found in our Traditional range with our white and malted grain tins and unique Welbeck Batch loaf.

Favourite selections from overseas and seasonal specials incorporating different styles and ingredients enhance our Continental bread range.

For a pure buttery and layered pastry indulgence, our Viennoiserie range – a French term for treats made with a sweet dough and yeast, showcases our croissants, pastries and brioches.