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We use locally sourced and organic ingredients wherever possible. 

We never use artificial additives or preservatives. 




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The Welbeck Bakehouse is an award-winning wholesale bakery situated within the picturesque

Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire.


Founded in 2008 by baking enthusiast Alison Swan-Parente, The Welbeck Bakehouse built its foundations

on a desire to create and promote ‘Real Bread’. 


A decade on, the bakery is renowned for its specialism in Sourdough and Viennoiserie. It has played a key

part in the growth of the estate’s artisan community,  and supplies a vast array of hand-crafted products

to independent businesses throughout the East Midlands.


Starting an independent long-fermentation bakery from scratch was a tall order. We were one of the first of a new wave of artisanal bakeries back in 2008, and there were few similar businesses with whom to compare ourselves. There was never any doubt of the demand, however. The quality of our bread spoke for itself. 


Our Sourdough is complex, natural and easy to digest, a far cry from the mass-produced white loaves crammed with additives that are widely sold. It is something we are incredibly proud of, yet it isn't the only thing we specialise in. We also make various continental breads and pastries but we always employ the same skills, passion and values to whatever the product. 

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